Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This is a first for me, but it's high-time.
And yes I'm on my way home...
Well, when I first thought about making this blog I was on my way "home" to Canada, but six weeks have passed, and my travel "home" to Ecuador is pending, less than two weeks from now. So, where is home? I dunno, but thank the good LORD I don't have to decide. Home is where He is...so i hope that those of you who care and enjoy catching up on things in my life will find that truth in these pages. And at the very least, this blog will be a good reminder to me that all of this, that I call life, is just part of my journey home...


Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

Hey Janna! So excited that you've started up a blog!!! I'm hoping it wasn't the peer pressure;).

Those words are a good reminder to me. Especially seeing as I don't yet know where "home" will be in another month. God is so faithful and He will provide! Thanks!

Christiane said...

Yeah! Way to go Jay...conformity has it good points :) now we get to see pictures and pretend like you are closer than you are :)...Did you guys all know that Janna made Raspberry Jam the other day!!! Very Domestic move I'd say :)

Miss havin' you around Jay...are you sure you don't want to fly back to Ecuador from EDMONTON!?? :) Love ya! Chris... xoxo

susan hart said...

hey janna..it's been so long...i'm getting married in the fall, and i guess i thought you should hear it from me rather someone else! tim is the best man! i miss you lots..
love susan

beth konrath said...

hey janna !! :)
it was great getting to see you this summer !
hope to talk to you soon, my email adress is konrathbeth@hotmail.com,
and that picture that i took of you and colbie is on my website; www.piczo.com/bekonrath

love you !
beth konrath <3

Christiane said...

Hey Jay... Mom and Dad told me that you got back into Ecuador with out any hickups...excellent :) and you even got all your oversized bags!! Way to wink at the check-in guy by the way :) I've been checkin' my blog...but still no red dot on Ecuador...hum...what's up with that :) anyway, I just wanted you to know that I wast thinkin' about you and looking forward to hearing how being back in the mix of it all has been going. Give my love to everyone-and a big hug to Lucho :) Talk to you soon...Chris xoxo