Wednesday, August 16, 2006


And we also got to connect with our cousin Luke who is studing computer tech stuff (beyond me) in the big city. No pictures, but we also hung out with his big brother, Josh and fiancee in Regina. These boys are like brothers. :)

And then, after hours of driving (of which I LOVED being behind the wheel finally!) we arrived in Toronto and spent more time with family, my cousin Sonya and her husband and girls...

From there, our journey home through the States allowed us to connect with my cousin Jen and her sweet family in Iowa, as well as with my dear friend, miss Sarah (Tyrrell) Lillis who is expecting a baby in November! (pictures to come)...

The following week I spent some sweet time with my sister in Edmonton where mom and dad met up with us and we hung out as a foursome again finally and celebrated Chris's graduation from U of A Nursing. Horray, an RN!! :)


Dad said...

I am havung difficulkty seeing the blessed keys! I am struggleimg to see past the tears, Dear!! I love you sooo much and am very grateful to the Lord that my two girls are wanting to follow the Lord and give Him their lives daily! I should be even more grateful to Him for EVERYTHING!! Your Dad! xoxo

Christiane said... make me laugh cause I used all the same pictures on MY blog!! You crazy thief...they're even the pictures from my new camera! Although, I'll give you the bennifit of the doubt cause when I blogged this last time(about home)becuase I'd had it in my draft section, it bloged according to when I started it, not whenI posted it's burried underneath the post about the Tree Planters...I guess no one knows it's there anyway... :)Oh,well. I still love you. Call me please...I work all weekend, but I'm off on Monday and Tuesday(I'm on nights this week...) XOXOXOXOXOXOXO