Wednesday, August 16, 2006

fox family

Shauna, the new mama. Hard to believe we used to play dolls and now she is the real thing. :)

I met baby Hannah for the first time when I was home.

A Fox-family reunion of sorts. :) My cousin Emily entertaining the newest member of the family, my cousin Shauna's baby girl, Hannah.


Don Fox said...

Hello Dear! This is your BLOGGER Dad! I like your site! Lots of nice pictures! Have you emailed Emily or Shauna to tell them to look at the site! We will if you need us to! Love Dad! X0X0X0

Scott and Dee said...

Janna! Wow- what a fantastic blog- major trip down memory lane- and into the present I guess- I didn't even recognize Emily R!! Craziness- wowo- it's so good to see you thru your blog- and Chris, too! Big hugs to you guys...,congrats to Christ, love you gals,
PS- you've gotta put pics of Sarah T on there- I only found out last week, like AHHH- all these people having babies! Do they realize how painful it is? :)

Jarvis Lepper said...

Hey Janna!
This is my first official comment on a blog! Your blog is a fanticical idea for updates. I actually ran into Shauna at the hospital yesturday! I was there for some training. I recall that I did an imitation of Shauna's laugh at camp. Remember? :)

Carolyn Burton said...

I love this blog, it is so nice to see your beautiful face again. I will be checking all the time, thanks for the e-mail.
Love, Carolyn
PS. I was listening to Chris Rice the other day and thought of you!