Thursday, September 14, 2006

daises, a stick shift, and a piece of cheesecake...

So, for whatever reason, I have been able to spend some extra time at the internet cafe this week. And I must say, it's really nice.

About a week and a half ago, I kinda went a bit nuts (my "people-0-meter" reached its max capacity), and I launched into a week of seclusion (well, obviously I still went to school the mornings I had classes) in which I organized my disaster-zone bedroom, dusted EVERYTHING, scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the floor, cooked some yummy Ecuadorian dishes (vegetable soup and shrimp ceviche) ...and baked a cheesecake with Bethany. I don't know if my domestic hormones were kicking in (no such thing right?)...or if it had just simply been TOO long since I had taken care of "things" on the inside of life. :) Seriously though, me hizo bien. And not to mention the extra time I took to just "be" with God. Sometimes not even reading my Bible or praying, but just "being". For some reason, when the house is clean, the lights dimmed, the candles lit, Chopin in the cd player...when I can shave my legs, clean under my toenails and sit and read in the hammock uninterupted, it does something to me that I can't explain. :)

Somehow it brings relief.
And while whatever it is in me, gets relieved in those "still" times, there is rest inbetween. There is, because somehow I can go for months (sometimes) without this relief. Yes...there is rest inbetween. And honestly I can say that the LORD is that rest. The hour of quiet in the morning...before Carlos, our water boy bangs on the door, brings so much rest (even when the sink is piled high with dishes, my dirty clothes are all over the dusty floor, ants swarm the counter top, and the garbage can stench draws a buzzing family of fruit flies). And never in my life have I lived, feeling the need for that time with God each day, more. It's a desert here without it. And the days I sleep in and have to rush to school without sitting under the tap for a while, those days feel dry...and I am parched by the time I get home, mid-day. And it's not just because it is hot.

So yeah. Last week was a good week. And I am thankful to God for the small blessings and the big ones He pours into my life. A standard driving lesson early last Saturday first time behind the wheel south of the equator. A Mary Poppins cheesecake date with the roomie late Thursday night after we should have been at prayer meeting. Pink daisies on our kitchen table. Baby pigeons on the window sill. Etc.

I am just so thankful for the personal way the LORD shows up to say "Te amo hija. Janna eres Mía". And while I may run around like Martha, preoccupied with "many things" (and most times many people), I have been reminded so uniquely these last couple weeks of Jesus words to a couple of women He loved, "only one thing is necessary". Jesus affirmed the deliberate rest Mary chose, silent, expectant and waiting, seated at His dusty feet.

Or rather, I imagine that perhaps Martha had already washed those beautiful feet.


Christiane said...

One wise woman once told me..."it is amazing how a few little flowers can make someone feel so good on the inside!!" :) I'm glad you take those days when the Lord bring's em by...I love you...I miss at the pool/mountain side just aren't the same with out you...that Queen sized bed was pretty lonely (comfy...but lonely ;) I'm off monday and me?? XOXO

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hola Jana,

Presumo lo que hablas enspanol (tan mas de me). Gracais para escribes a mi blog. Con gusto nos oimos y leimos tu blog. Estamos muy celoso como sujetas el chicito mono/mica!

Hasta lluego,


mattandsteph said...

glad that you got some much needed rest and time jan!

God bless!

Christiane said...

hey Foxy's big sister :) I did get your text message the other day, but I was in the middle of a meeting with paul and forgot to text back later. Thanks for the email address...and I'm gunna have to ask around about that website...I have no idea what it hand tight, I'll try to track'er down. Love you. Can't wait to talk more soon. xoxoxo :P

Bobbi said...

Hi Janna. I have no idea who you are, but your blog popped up when I was searching for a friend's blog. I just finished posting on mine, saying how weary I am, just from the stress of everyday life and worries. Your blog touched my heart. Isn't it funny how God knows what we need, and even uses a stranger to communicate what He wants us to hear. I just need to rest in Him. Thankyou for pointing that out. And you know what's funny? I totally relate to you! When everything is in place, tidy, finished and complete, I feel so good! I even have a pretty nightgown that I only wear when everything is just husband laughs at me! I don't know how to explain it, but when all the work is done, you feel you have more time to enjoy the beautiful things in a pretty pair of pj's! I think you understand. Anyways, I just wanted to say thankyou for sharing from your've blessed my heart. Thankyou. ~a sister in christ