Wednesday, December 06, 2006

guts and glory

Two weeks ago I bought a piano. Yeah... a big purchase. :)

When I came to Ecuador three years ago (November 2003), I brought with me a little Yamaha keyboard, donated by a family in my home church. I believe it was a blessing in the church here in Bastion and especially because it enabled me to spend time teaching a couple keen students to play that first year. Raúl (now 20), caught on so quickly and now takes turns with me on Sunday mornings. It is he who has been playing for youth group events, and on his own keyboard that he purchased a year ago. :)

In September, Dale asked me "Janna, what are your goals, now that we have started to do some formal worship practices with some of these youth...?"And I had to tell him that I love worship, but I had no goals, because fankly, there wasn't much joy in making music from that little tin box of a keyboard. :)

So since then, God has been patiently helping me get up the guts to make the purchase. And the truth is, I have really felt "Him" in this decision. It's cool that the LORD cares so much about these things and longs to be glorified in our little faith. I did wrestle. (Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't just make decisions involving chunks of money easily.) Anyways, the struggle is over and the joy is mine. Two weeks ago Dale and I went downtown to a couple of the best shops in the city and came home with a beautiful electric piano (ain't no keyboard), complete with a bunch of synthezied sound options...and SWEET weighted keys. It feels like a baby grand. :) (It's no Roland, for those who know what's out there...but it's great, and within my price range.)

Yes, the joy is mine...and Raúl's...and I pray it will bring blessing to many more. And most of all, may it bring glory to the Giver of good gifts, who gives us the joy of music in the first place.


Christiane said...

Praising God that He provided the means and vision to help that church keep making more and more Joyful Noise :D

Love you...
Talk to you soon.
Good purchase frugal ;)


jennspencer said...

wow, this is awesome!!!
I was you think you have the piano music for breath of heaven at your house anywhere??

The Bruce said...

Janna! good to see another update. say hi to the church and especially the Veras for me. cuidate

Tim said...

I think you should start a band ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you bought the piano. It sounded like a tough decision but one well worth it :) You must be so excited to play!

Sarah Monette

farfromhome said...

mmmmmmm, SWEET weighted keys indeed :)
Thanks for writing in your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Janna!
So good to see a picture of it! I miss hearing you play.
Love you,

Bryan said...

That's great. Enjoy your new 'baby grand'!

Merry Christmas as well. Any plans for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

My inagural comments. Shoot, there must be a lot of pressure to make sure your first blog comments are a masterpiece. But this is going to be plain and simple. Glad that you got your piano. you deserve it!! keep rewarding yourself for all your hard work. Merry Christmas. Paul

Roberta said...

Well deserved purchase!! I'm sure you'll inspire more people to learn to play as well :)

Holidays are close...I hope you will be safe and happy :)

Anonymous said...

J that is so sweet!!!
I cant wait to hear you play it in 72 days!!!! (ps. thats how long until im coming down!!)
Play your heart out!!love you, feliz navidad!