Tuesday, July 24, 2007

two sons, three pigs, four ducks, and one loud rooster...

The following are some pictures that I took back in June when I stayed with Tatiana in her new home about an hour bus-ride to the outskirts of the city. Jhon Jiro was delighted to head off to his first day of classes in the nearby elementary school, and Tati and I organized her kitchen, cooked a big pot of cheese soup on her new stove, and washed clothes and kids :) in buckets of water on the patio (brought to us daily in a large truck tank).

Piter Emmanuel is growing steadily and healthy, and Tati seems to be healing just fine from her Cesearean delivery. Thanks to God for the blessing of Canadian and and Ecuadorian hands that helped to build her new home and provide for the three of them.

I don't know where you get a smile much cuter than this one. :)


B├ęthany said...

Frig, that little monkey is getting big. I'm glad he is in school, I always thought he was cuter with his hair short. I also thought he was less of a brat when it was like that. That might have been my imagination, though.

People who read this who don't know me: don't get me wrong, I think he is adorable.

Brats usually are.

Christiane said...

hahah Beth you are hilarious~!

Jay those pictures are beautiful... really, wow :) I love the one of him and Tati smiling with soap all in his hair... you should print that one off and blow it up for her! :)

Yay for you, look at all your blogs! I'm so impressed and you are putting me to shame! I need to catch up! Glad we got to talk for so long the other day... Miss you--sure can't wait for you to be home this Christmas :) (but... can you bring a few with you???)

julia said...

Jay, my eyes water as I look at your blog. Mwahh I miss the people and especially YOU! Camp is going well. Alli, emily, Jacob and Jeff are all up this week so it's some extra sweet company.

I too am proud of you for all your updates!!

And Beth, I know what you mean about cute brats... they milk their beauty. Just ask Dan McE.