Monday, September 03, 2007

Mercy y Daniel, Agosto 11, 2007

the first wedding at campamento El Faro

waiting for the bride and all the girls

more waiting

...and more waiting

finally at the alter

or in the volleyball court :)

"sí prometo"

a love song

the rings and vows Ecuadorian style

hombre y mujer

Johanna, Ibis, Katerin and Mayi
(in the dresses that Liliana Lucas made)

the party (note the baby bride)

two that tried to catch the bouquet

a few faithful witnesses

and this is my favorite picture of all, it speaks for itself.


mattandsteph said...

Beautiful pictures Janna! Love ya!

Christiane said...

Awe... Jay! I love this post :) It's SO happy!! Thanks for posting that picture of Chamo and Miguel too -that made my day :D Armando is the only one missing out of that great last group picture... I can't believe that Liliana made ALL those dresses... that is just phenominal, they look SO great :D

Thanks for updates!!

julia said...

WOAH! I had no idea that Mercy was even engaged!! I am outta the loop!
That is a beautiful wedding. Lili did a great job on those dresses...
care to explain the baby bride??

LOve you.

Jana said...

Janna, how much fun that must have been! Mercy looks beautiful and the bridesmaids' dresses are lovely. You sound like you're surviving your cat really well :)

Anonymous said...

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