Saturday, October 18, 2008

el rio onzole

Tomorrow night a group of 11 of us (youth from Bastion) are headed north to the Onzole River (jungle) where we will help run a camp for kids from the communities there. We'll be gone til next Saturday. Please pray that God's Word will be planted in the hearts of many children and youth, seeds that will take root and grow and produce fruit for Christ's Kingdom. Pray too for God's work in our lives as we serve, and that our team will be a blessing to the community there. This pic I took last October during camp in Onzole.


Christiane said...

Thank you for that picture :)
How can anyone not want one of those...? :) Love you have a wonderful time - the Ride for Refugees was great fun, I'm waddling in a rather funny fashion, look rediculious trying to climb stairs, and my butt feel's like I rode a horse from here to Alberta :) it was great. Love you - we need a Skype date! (I'm off to NC to see Kimmy and Min on Wednesday!) XOXO

Anonymous said...

I wanted to go.