Monday, January 17, 2011

por favor Dios...

among many other things that are yet to be written, i've been wanting to tell you about my experience last Sunday. this will just be brief.

it was Jan 9th, the first day of voting in the Sudan Referendum. thousands of Sudanese from all over the South, were flocking to the voting stations, to cast their vote for independence from the tyrannous North. many full of trepidation, many so hopeful for peace.

and i sat with brothers and sisters in Bastion and listened to them pray "por favor Dios..."

minutes previous i had done my best to explain the gravity of the situation in Sudan, the danger of explosive violence in border disputes, and reinforced armies in both the North and South, where corrupt and inexperienced political leadership threaten the potential for agreement and the safety of civilians.

i also shared briefly about my sisters involvement (my visit there last Christmas), the presence and exit of mission organizations and ngo's during this time of tension, and the weight and significance of those 5 days of voting for millions of Southern Sudanese. (approx 2 million who are still displaced and not living in their homeland because of years of civil war and violence.)

i presented Chris's slideshow of pictures, to put faces on the numbers, and shared the need for prayer.

and a small quiet chorus, people prayed, "please God, please..."
for Al Bashir in the North, and for Salva Kiir in the South, for the thousands of brothers and sisters who are the Church in Sudan, and for the physical, emotional and eternal consequences of the decisions of those in leadership....for forgiveness, and for peace.

i was so blessed to stand in the gap that morning. and i was so challenged to hear dear friends beseech God on behalf of other beloved ones on the other side of the south Atlantic ocean, worlds and worlds away.

"por favor Dios", "please God, please."

why do we not pray this way?

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