Wednesday, August 30, 2006

haven't you always wanted a mon-KEE?

Tarz has gone back to his family now...but that's just down the road. We miss him, but we can still visit. Really, he belongs in the jungle... i don't think we would ever get a monkey for ourselves - it was too sad to see him in captivity and imagine what life would be like for him in freedom. I'm not an animal lover, but i confess... he is pretty cute. His only downfall was that he ruined my little fig tree (in which we let him frolic freely without a diaper during the day), and he used to bite when we put his diaper on at night. Well, I guess, he didn't ruin my tree, but it's pretty spindly-looking now after he peeled all the bark back looking for little bugs. :) Monkeys do belong in the jungle.


Christiane said...

awe...I can't believe that little bugger ruined our Christmas tree!! :) I'm off until Saturday Janna--call this long lost sister of yours will ya!?xoxo

Matt, Christine, Elijah, Joseph & TBA said...

I think that's so cute: a monkey in a diaper:)! Glad you're getting a break from your little visitor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janna! This is the Hillaby's from the north! We haven't had any monkeys, but we have seen a lot of black bears!
I hope you are doing well,
Andrew, Janice, Kaley and Kirk

Scott and Dee said...

Hey J, I love the monkey- oh and they're so cute until they pee all over you, eat your things and bite you when you try to do a little damage control...:) Anyways, say hi to Beth for me, I just found Katie's blog and left a comment. Hope she writes back- I hear you're chattin' with Sarah tonight? Cool, love ya