Friday, February 11, 2011

a Christmas review...

So this will mostly be pictures - i just want to give you a bit of a photo-documentary of my holidays, starting with our little Charlie Brown tree. I proudly put a star from Kenya on the top...and was reminded oh SO often of Christmas in Sudan 365 days past.

These are daughters of a friend Tania - Jennifer is Mom and Dad's sponsor child and  Dianita is 5 years old this month, i visited the hospital the day she was born! This particular day i was delivering a few gifts i had brought back from Canada for the family.
Katherin came to help me with some baking one day, kinda awkward to get ourselves AND the banana muffins in the picture...

Our school kids in their Christmas pageant - i had a good picture taking position just behind the was nice to be able to help out that evening and be involved somehow despite no longer having much to do with the school at all!
After seeing Voyage of the Dawn Treader, these girls couldn't resist a photo shoot by the fountain just outside the mall.
This sweet little guy was receiving his treat bag the evening Josue and Natalia hosted a Christmas program at the camp for the community and families of Arenal.

More treat bags and smiles of a few Arenal girls who have been faithful campers at El Faro these last couple of years. Feliz Navidad!

Nikki, her brother Gavin (visiting), Luke and I, zip-lining on Christmas Eve...a new tradition!? We had a 3 day get-away in Cuenca over Christmas to enjoy the cooler air, and to just relax.

Ok, so some traditions we HAD to keep. To go with our Chicken dinner we broke out the Christmas crackers and wore the goofy crowns proudly. Luke and i were the only members of our "team" here in Ecuador this Christmas that didn't have family visiting. But alas, we had both just been home for no complaints. :)

We stopped on the drive home to honor the "llama crossing".

Can you say, "alpaca" up close and personal?

On the 30th we had a big pyjamada here with a bunch of the girls, it was Johanna's birthday and a great excuse to get together. These ladies love to be cook, to talk, to sing, to play -  we did it all. What blessed me that night was to look around the room and to have to count on 4 hands the number of girls beyond the age of 19 who are single and holding out for a man worthy of the wait! :) Thank you God for inspiration when i wonder what i am doing here?

Alex and Maria Jose and baby Alison. I finally had them over for dinner and a visit after being in Canada for the first 3 months of Alison's fragile little life. Praise the LORD that she is now healthy, and Maria Jose as well!

i would take one of these please...

New years eve, before the big hurrah i was trying to teach Daniel how to SMILE for pictures. Neither of us managed to pull off a real natural one in this picture, but it is worth documenting. :)

Mi Tio Felipito at Marlene's house, which is becoming a wonderful tradition.

Long after midnight, we still were waltzing around the paved streets of block 6 celebrating 2011 - the streets might as well have been paved with gold, it felt SO good! Hard to believe its the same Bastion. Bring on the rainy season!

 So that was the end to my 2010...a few little snippets at least. I am doing much better at getting my camera out and taking pictures, I admit, so here is hoping that i'll be able to keep you much more current in 2011.


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Yay Jay!! Great post - thanks for all the photos! :) Love seeing everyone...

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Very nice Janna!!

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